Cirillo Consulting provides tools, consulting and training to improve the productivity of individuals and organizations in a simple, fast and sustainable way.

The Pomodoro Technique® solutions

Over 2 million people have already used the Pomodoro Technique to transform their lives, making them more productive, more focused and even smarter.

You’ll learn how to work with time, eliminate burnout, manage distractions and create a better work–life balance, using only a pen, some paper and a kitchen timer.

The Anti-IF® Software Design solutions

The goal of the Anti-IF Programme is to raise awareness of the effective use of software design principles and practices, by first of all removing bad, dangerous IFs.

Francesco has a deep knowledge and a great experience that helps him in finding the right spot! As an innovator is always one step ahead … in the right direction! :)

Piergiorgio Grossi