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The new Pomodoro Time Management Online Training

News Team Apr 10, 2018

This online course started in September last year.

I liked the idea of being a mentor to a small group of people motivated to improve their own productivity. I liked the idea of providing training on time management that was personalised and enabled each participant to gain confidence over time. I also wanted to share experiences and so I opened this course to no more than five people from all over the world.

The result of the first 7 sessions run in the winter semester surpassed all my expectations. The online method of the course meant that I could have groups of people from different parts of the world who often faced vastly different challenges. The exchange considerably enriched the course content and the work carried out on the personal assignments at home was the most valued and effective element of the course.

The world of my perceived possibilities and the utilization of my abilities has been enhanced to the level that I know that when I look back on my life there will be two significant periods of accomplishment, pre-pomodoro and post-pomodoro periods. It's just that powerful!

Lee Sullivan Management Analyst for The State of California

Thanks to the feedback from my students in the Winter Semester 2017, we have now been able to improve the structure of the upcoming sessions of this online course. Here are the main features of the new online courses starting in the Summer Semester 2018:

  • Small group: max. 5 people

  • 3-week training on time management: 21 days is the ideal timeframe to transform your own relationship with time and improve your own productivity.

  • Initial survey: together with the participant we set a specific goal to reach by the end of the course.

  • 3 weekly online sessions, 3 hours each: 1 hour of feedback on personal assignments and 2 hours allocated to give participants new tools for effectively managing their time.

  • Individual assignments: these are used to specifically apply the concepts and practices shown.

  • Final productivity clinic: to check that the goals of the course have been reached and to apply what has been learnt to the next individual project.

  • Two times: 9.30am CEST and 7pm CEST—so that people from different parts of the world can participate.

  • Two weekly meetings: one at the weekend—on Saturday—and during business days—Monday and Tuesday.

You can find the online course programme and the relevant timetable on the page.

A big thank you to all the winter semester participants of the online Pomodoro Technique course for their enthusiasm and feedback.