Nelio - Apply The Pomodoro Method For Blogging and Stop Wasting Time

Jul 24, 2018 by Francesco Cirillo

source=Nelio|source-link=|title=Apply The Pomodoro Method For Blogging and Stop Wasting Time|author=Ruth Raventós|description=The advocates of this method find that the Pomodoro method helps you to focus on the task at hand, thus improving productivity. Accepting that you have to be 25 minutes against the clock, focused and uninterrupted, forces you to be efficient. Another advantage is that you can manage and control your time much better. This is especially useful if you do a type of work where you bill your clients for time spent. And finally, regular breaks are the best tool for improving concentration and creativity and reducing procrastination.|article-link=|target=_blank|source-logo=nelio-logo.png|source-logo-width=150