Forge - The Pomodoro Technique: Unlock Productivity In 25 Minutes

Sep 07, 2017 by Francesco Cirillo

source=Forge|source-link=|title=The Pomodoro Technique: Unlock Productivity In 25 Minutes|author=Alli Hess|description=Working for short periods of time and gaving yourself a break before diving into a new study session may actually help you be more efficient. That is what a study at the University of Illiois found out and also what the Pomodoro Technique suggests. Instead of sitting at your desk all day long, try to split time into chunks and take a break in between. It will take 7 to 20 days to master this method but the results are totally worth the wait. Not only you'll feel more focused, productive, creative and innovative but you'll even diminish both stress and fatigue.|article-link=|target=_blank|source-logo=forge-logo.png|source-logo-width=150