Leaving Work Behind - How to Use Pomodoro to Dominate Freelance Writing Tasks

Dec 05, 2017 by Francesco Cirillo

source=Leaving Work Behind|source-link=https://leavingworkbehind.com|title=How to Use Pomodoro to Dominate Freelance Writing Tasks|author=Alexander Cordova|description=If you want to earn money as a freelance writer you surely need to work at a high productivity rate. The Pomodoro Tecnique can help you with that! Focusing on a task for a full 25-minute interval before taking a break can boost your efficiency. Moreover, once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to concentrate more easily!|article-link=https://leavingworkbehind.com/pomodoro-for-writers/|target=_blank|source-logo=leavingworkbehind-logo.png|source-logo-width=150