Teen Life - Pomodoro: Work All Day Without Breaking a Sweat

Dec 16, 2015 by Francesco Cirillo

source=Teen Life|source-link=https://www.teenlife.com|title=Pomodoro: Work All Day Without Breaking a Sweat|author=John Cho|description=Discover how working with the Pomodoro Technique could literally revolutionize your life. Don't give up after the first trials, it takes time to get use to it but if you stick to the schedule, you won't certainly regret it. Make sure you estimate how long you think a task is going to take, be ready to focus in order to avoid any type of interruptions and don't forget to take breaks!|article-link=https://www.teenlife.com/blogs/pomodoro-work-all-day-without-breaking-sweat|target=_blank|source-logo=teenlife-logo.png|source-logo-width=150