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at what some past participants have to say about working with Francesco. All kinds of people, from freelance developers to high level executives have benefited from Francesco's expertise. But we'll let them tell you about that.

Simone Casciaroli

Senior software developer (Contractor) at NowTV

Since attending ‘Programming with Francesco’ with Francesco Cirillo, and learning his approach to software design, I have realized that my previous understanding of the topic was not as effective as I once thought. By understanding his approach, I have been able to significantly improve my own software design, benefiting both my team and myself. Despite the fact that my course was focused solely on software design, it has helped me become an all-around better software developer.

Piergiorgio Grossi

Head of IT, F1 Racing Team

What can I say more of someone who’s in the first page of the most revolutionary book ever written in sw development (Extreme Programming Explained)? Francesco has a deep knowledge and a great experience that helps him in finding the right spot! As an innovator is always one step ahead … in the right direction! :)

Carlo Garatti

Software Engineer, Oracle

If your question is about how to write valuable software, this program is for you!! Through one-on-one lessons with Francesco you will learn how to fit the right techniques and tools in the exact phases of the software development cycle. You will fix and apply these ideas in real cases. And, last but not least, in an enjoyable way!

Marco Isella

Software Engineer

Francesco has changed the way I work, and more.

Matteo Regazzi

Scrum Master – Agile Coach at

Having experienced Francesco’s work and methodology in the past, I wanted to study with him again and try his ProgWithFC program. Amazingly, I was able to regain immediate momentum, motivation, and obtain astonishing results, even though working remotely. This was also due in part to the organization of the sessions, which were always efficient and productive. One of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Thank you!

Salim Virani

Partner at Founder-Centric

When it comes to helping tech startups, it’s tough to top the legendary Francesco Cirillo, a truely independent thinker. He’s one of those rare, modest leaders with deft communication and teaching capabilities. I asked him to speak at Leancamp Berlin, and in spite of knowing he’d defined the Pomodoro Technique and built a global community behind it, the way he engaged everyone surpassed my expectations! He was professional, well-prepared and flexible, but most importantly, he met his audience on their terms, clearly broadened their perspective and demonstrated a deep understanding of topics, even in when specialised questions came up. Count on Francesco to be authentic and friendly, and set an atmosphere of intellectual camaraderie.

Edoardo Schepis

Manager, Solution Architects at Red Hat Italy

Francesco Cirillo is the coach everybody should meet in their career!
Francesco worked with me and my colleagues in, mentoring us on Object Oriented and Patterns topics. It was a great experience!.
Even working for in the Java Center of my company, we were far from being the architects we should be. It was a reality check that Francesco provided with his professional approach and with his unique attitude showing us how easy things could be if we just remain humble and focused on the assigned goals, avoiding over-engineering and working just on the assigned tasks.

Marco Testa

Java Developer at Weswit Srl

Programming with Francesco wasn’t just your average course, following a pre-designed program involving lessons, topics, and tests which leave you with a lot of ideas but no concrete method to apply them in your daily work. Instead it was like a journey, beginning with my strengths and weaknesses, and following my actual needs in order to find my own path to becoming a better developer. In this course, Francesco guides you along the way gently; giving advice, and warning you of possible roadblocks you may encounter, while at the same time letting you explore on your own. This made the lesson much more difficult than your standard course, as it relied mainly on my own efforts and abilities, but the outcome was definitely much more productive and worthwhile than anything else I have yet experienced.

Ernesto Di Blasio

Senior Manager at Accenture

I had the great opportunity to have Francesco as mentor for a long period training programme during Banca Imi working experience.
Our team has grown a lot in terms of performance and ability to work in groups. Francesco was able to motivate all, knowing enhance individuals and bringing innovation in IT processes of the bank.
Our team was one of the first to realize agile projects in the banking-
Francesco is a brilliant coach. I would suggest to everyone who would like to increase team performance or bring innovation within its company.

Bruno Ciscato

Cloud Solutions Engineer EMEA and US East at RightScale, Architect of Solutions on AWS, GCE, Azure and OpenStack

Francesco’s huge experience and his work at CMU show up in XPLabs’ object oriented and extreme programming classes. They are very effective, through, up to date and give astonishing results.