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Why software is so expensive? Why does it take so much time to develop?

These are the questions we asked ourselves when our business started developing productivity tools. Traditional, agile software development doesn’t have ingredients. Each and every new feature requires development, modifications and the text for new modules. This constant state of exploration makes it impossible to estimate in a realistic way. Increasing the number of features means writing new lines of code, testing them and having to refactor pre-existing modules. A new feature often means introducing new bugs. Which makes software development a lengthy and costly process.


We invented a design technique to create highly recombinable ingredients.


Making a feature means creating a recipe from already existing, reliable ingredients.

Through our unique design process we are able to deliver and grow your software system by simply combining our designers' highly adaptable and reliable software modules. Combining the same ingredients in different ways enables us to obtain very different products quickly and cheaply. And we can do it with you present, sitting around the same table, in real time.


We want to deliver software in the time it takes to make a cappuccino.

If our software has highly recombinable ingredients, making software becomes as easy as creating or following a trusted recipe: no exploration, no surprises and no extra cost.
How much do you think the uncertainty involved in traditional software development costs you now?


We make software with the same loving care as a cup of joe made by the hipster barista in your local cafe.

Our design process enables us to produce a variety of valuable solutions out of a few highly adaptable software ingredients. By focusing on designing and testing a limited number of highly recombinable software ingredients we can offer the highest level of quality and reliability.


We can produce software which meets your needs just by combining highly reliable software ingredients in ways that can be predicted. Our production process leads to savings for you which make attractive and challenging business opportunities feasible and affordable.

What is Henry Solves It?

A service for businesses and individuals that builds and delivers their working software together in real time.

Who is Henry

Henry is not the owner, nor a developer, not even a person. Henry is a software system: a collection of ingredients that can generate a whole host of very different products: from accounting systems to web applications through to simple videogames.

Why it works

We don't like developing software. Mostly we just combine already existing modules. Our innovative design process enables us to produce a variety of valuable solutions out of a few highly adaptable software products.

Why Henry

You can always change your mind! Changing requirements means creating a new recipe or making our ingredients more efficient.

How It Works

OPTION #1: Order To Go

You enter our shop, explain your needs, and then, together with our Solution Expert, you work in real-time on your software system. In just a few minutes, you will grow feature after feature by combining our designers’ software ingredients.

OPTION #2: Order and Collect

Sometimes to deliver the feature you ordered the Solution Expert has to configure our products - like in a cafe, when the assistant prepares ingredients before making a sandwich a customer has just asked for. Our Solution Expert then schedules an appointment when you can come and collect your feature.

The 72hr Rule Applies Here

If our Solution Expert estimates that a feature you require will take more than 72 hours to deliver or if s/he realises that our software products cannot be combined to give you the solution you desire, then you will be informed immediately with no additional charge.

We do not work on software developed by other companies

We are committed to delivering the very highest quality software. We can only guarantee this standard if the software systems uses exclusively our designers’ software products.

Who is it for?

Do you want to improve your team’s productivity by improving your business, e-commerce, accounting, CRM, project management, or office automation?

Henry can help you!

We started developing Henry to solve our internal accounting problems. But then we taught Henry how to solve ecommerce issues (tax and sales reports). Then Henry learned how to solve CRM problems. Now Henry is learning how to solve planning problems and how to allow the team to play Pong :)
All these software solutions are just recipes using the same software ingredients.


A service for businesses and individuals that builds and delivers their working software together in real time.

Less Risks

Henry is a partner you can trust. If he can’t deliver effective, reliable and adaptable solutions to your business needs within 72 hours, we’ll tell you immediately.

Lower Costs

We use already existing modules. No expensive development from scratch. Changing your requirements usually means creating a new recipe: no development required.

High Quality

Thanks to our reliable and combinable software ingredients software development is like making a recipe. We work together in real time on your project. We deliver your features in real time. What you see is what you get.

What makes Henry so special?

Henry has grown in a Relational Way. Yes, like a child develops. We call this particular approach to software production, Recombining Relational Production (RRP). RRP is an application of the Waaaaaah! Decision Making Model.

When applied to the development of a software system, this means reaching a stage where a set of very special software modules can be configured and combined in a range of products. At this stage, the same modules can produce anything from an ecommerce system to a video game.

By using RRP Henry is able to produce more complex features with less effort: just as a child develops.

If you want to know more about RRP and WDMM and how they can be applied to software development, you can check out our blog posts.


The more Henry develops in a relational way, the more predictable its behaviour becomes: like the behaviours of a child who matures into an adult.

This means that the same feature developed in one month’s time will cost less then than what it costs now.

Not only that, what this also means is that the production process in one month’s time will be characterized by less uncertainty than today.

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