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The Pomodoro Technique
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About the School

The Pomodoro® School was established to solve, in a simple way, a common need for teams and individuals: reach multiple goals in a team within expected time and costs avoiding stress and anxiety.

Anyone can learn how to manage time if properly trained

Learn how to reach your goals in an effective and enjoyable way by applying the Pomodoro® technique.


While you’re working to reach a specific goal this can happen:

  • You suddenly need to do other things - ie updating your facebook status, working on a different project - instead of focusing on your current goal.
  • Your deadline is approaching and the task you’re working on seems too complex to be completed in time.
  • You’re constantly interrupted by other members of the team or by someone outside of it.
  • You need to reach different goals and you don’t know what is the best task to work on in that precise moment.

These kinds of occurrences are common when it comes to reach goals. Not being able to respond adequately makes us anxious and frustrated.

Often times the answer our frightened mind finds is: “run faster”, “work harder”, ”find a shortcut”.

None of these answers is effective. And, as you may have experienced, these answers generate more frustration, weariness and guilt.

The Pomodoro® Technique helps your brain examine those moments and learn how to efficiently respond to those episodes that are so conventional and yet so crucial to reach your goals.


Awareness is the key.

The Pomodoro® Technique is based on a series of principles built on self-observation and awareness.

Developing self-observation and awareness will make it possible for you to change your relationship with time and reach your goals with less effort and free of anxiety.


This is how learning how to apply the Pomodoro® Technique will make reaching individual and team goals effective and enjoyable.

1. Handle interruptions

You will learn to deal with internal and external interruptions and avoid procrastination.

  • No more mistakes due to lack of concentration.
  • No more wrong estimates, rework, stress and overtime.
2. Reduce the length and number of meetings
  • No more long, exhausting and useless meetings.
3. Reduce estimation errors

You will learn to simplify and organize tasks.

  • No more wrong estimates on complex, undefined and uncertain tasks.
  • No more complex, unmanageable and unreachable goals.
  • No more lack of trust between team members.
4. Improve motivation by enriching the content of work

You will learn to understand the effort a task will take, reduce the complexity of tasks that need doing, organize your time.

  • No more lack of confidence.
  • No more lack of responsibility.
  • No more lack of trust between team members.
5. Transform time from being an enemy to being an ally in order to achieve your goals

You will learn to take regular breaks, learn to observe yourself and improve your work process.

  • No more work under pressure.
  • No more tensions between team members.
  • No more fear of being accountable.
6. Meet deadlines without time pressure

You will learn to transform a complex goal into a series of simpler goals to be reached and hence increase your motivation, the precision of the estimates and the probability of final success.

  • No more missed deadlines and costly delays.
7. Create an effective team timetable to reach multiple goals, handle unplanned events, tasks, emergencies and change

You will learn how to setup and maintain an effective weekly team timetable.

  • No more bottlenecks and interruptions.
  • No more stress, rework and overtime.
  • No more friction among team members.
8. Reduce the complexity of your goals and the relative uncertainty of reaching them

You will learn to transform deeply nested hierarchies of tasks into linear task lists: task lists without dangerous bottlenecks and interdependencies between tasks.

  • No more complex, unmanageable and unreachable goals.
9. Optimise the interaction between team members needed to complete tasks

You will learn how to share with your team members the same point of view about what to do and why. You will learn how to get to "No communication overflow".

  • No more thousands of instant messages, emails and calls interrupting your work flow.
  • No more friction among team members.
  • No more lack of trust among team members.

If you have a deadline and are afraid to fail, if you are used to procrastinating, if you interrupt yourself or if you are constantly interrupted, this programme is for you.

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    Online learning, public classes, onsite in your company


Marco Isella
Marco Isella

Software Engineer

Francesco has changed the way I work, and more.

Simone Casciaroli
Simone Casciaroli

Senior software developer (Contractor) at Nutralete

Since attending this program with Francesco Cirillo, and learning his approach to software design, I have realized that my previous understanding of the topic was not as effective as I once thought. By understanding his approach, I have been able to significantly improve my own software design, benefiting both my team and myself. Despite the fact that my course was focused solely on software design, it has helped me become an all-around better software developer.

Matteo Regazzi
Matteo Regazzi

Agile Coach at inspearit Italy

Having experienced Francesco’s work and methodology in the past, I wanted to study with him again and try his mentoring program. Amazingly, I was able to regain immediate momentum, motivation, and obtain astonishing results, even though working remotely. This was also due in part to the organization of the sessions, which were always efficient and productive. One of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Thank you!

Marco Testa
Marco Testa

Software Developer at i-data.tek

Being mentored by Francesco wasn’t just your average course, following a pre-designed program involving lessons, topics, and tests which leave you with a lot of ideas but no concrete method to apply them in your daily work. Instead it was like a journey, beginning with my strengths and weaknesses, and following my actual needs in order to find my own path to becoming a better developer. In this course, Francesco guides you along the way gently; giving advice, and warning you of possible roadblocks you may encounter, while at the same time letting you explore on your own. This made the lesson much more difficult than your standard course, as it relied mainly on my own efforts and abilities, but the outcome was definitely much more productive and worthwhile than anything else I have yet experienced.

Carlo Garatti
Carlo Garatti

Software Engineer, Oracle

If your question is about how to write valuable software, this program is for you!! Through one-on-one lessons with Francesco you will learn how to fit the right techniques and tools in the exact phases of the software development cycle. You will fix and apply these ideas in real cases. And, last but not least, in an enjoyable way!