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The Pomodoro Technique® is a time management system designed to help you turn time into a valuable ally in accomplishing what you want to do.

We all face the same problem: we’re constantly busy but we never seem to get anything done. We know we should focus on the task in hand, but it feels impossible with so many distractions and demands on our time.

We all need The Pomodoro Technique. This deceptively simple tool, now being used by more than 2 million people around the world, helps us regain control and achieve our goals. It transforms both work and home life by splitting days into 25-minute ‘pomodoros’, which focus our minds and make us far more productive.

The process underlying Cirillo’s technique includes five stages: planning the day’s tasks, tracking your efforts, recording your daily activities, processing what you have done, and visualizing areas for improvement. With this tried and tested method, readers can simplify their work, find out how much time and effort a task really requires, and improve their focus so they can get more done in the same amount of time each day.

To know how it works, take a look at our Get started Page and watch the Pomodoro Technique Video.

Who is Francesco Cirillo

Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro Technique.

He has worked at the forefront of the software industry for twenty years. In a career spanning startups, multinationals and freelance consulting, he has mentored thousands of developers and software teams.

Francesco’s core focus has always been improving productivity and efficiency, by finding ways to achieve better results with less time and less effort.

Francesco Cirillo is a partner in Cirillo Consulting.

A short history of the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique was created in the late eighties by then university student Francesco Cirillo who had been searching for an effective way to focus on his studies.

His system of working in 25 minute increments, without interruption, with five minute breaks, has been adopted by productivity experts the world over.

Cirillo wrote a 130 page book on the technique in 2006 which he offered as a free download. It was downloaded over 2 million times — about 250,000 times a year — before the author took the pdf down in 2013, and restricted access to the book to his personal website.

In 2018 the book has been published by Currency (Penguin Random House) in the US, Virgin Books (Penguin Random House) in the UK and many others in the world. This publication marks the first time the book has been available for purchase through retail channels.

About Cirillo Consulting

Cirillo Consulting is a business consulting firm based in Berlin that works with many of the world’s largest companies.

The company provides services, trainings and tools to individuals and organisations to improve and increase their productivity in a simple, fast and gentle way.

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