Anti-IF Software Design In-Person Course // Berlin Jun 10th 2018

title=Anti-IF Software Design In-Person Course|short-title=In Berlin, Germany|length=1 day|when=Jun 10th 2018|time=09:30am CEST|where=Berlin, Germany|trainer=Francesco Cirillo|size=Min 1, max 4 people|session=Anti-IF Health Programme Session #4|program-form-id=E0006-Y18N002-V01-request-programme|info-form-id=E0006-Y18N002-V01-request-info|variant-id=7400064122940|about-list=description=This is an official course taught by Francesco Cirillo. This Anti-IF SW Design Course is the fourth session of a 7-session Anti-IF programme dedicated to the development of a web application to improve our health.|about-list=description=Our initial goal was to develop an application capable of measuring our nutritional goals, along the lines of Google Fit or Samsung Health. Two sessions were enough to help us steer and change direction. After having delivered the initial features, it became clear that we wanted to develop a software that would help us use what we have in the fridge and shop more effectively (embrace change!). So, we have steered! We have added new features, prioritised, adapted and improved our design.|past-sessions-list=description=In the first session, we defined some of the features to develop and we pinpointed the scenarios and associated tests. |past-sessions-list=description=In the second session, we started to develop the first features concerning the recipes and ingredients. Based on a series of recipes we want to make within a certain timeframe (for example, one day or one week), we know how to ask our fridge for the list of missing food items needed to make them: what we actually have to buy. |past-sessions-list=description=In the third session, we developed a weekly timetable, allocating recipes we want to make for a variety of meals on several days.

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