Certified Anti-IF Practitioner
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Do you want to prove you're working on improving your design skills using the Anti-IF practices?

The ambition of the Anti-IF is to improve productivity by applying simple yet demanding practices. We learn by doing, experimenting and sharing our discoveries.


This page summarises the requisites and procedure for becoming an Anti-IF Practitioner.

The Certificate of Practice will give you the right to get a Anti-IF Trainer Licence, so you can teach the Anti-IF Workshop with the official Anti-IF materials.

    VAT included

How can I become a Certified Anti-IF Practitioner?

  1. Attend at least 14 hours of the Anti-If Workshop or the Anti-If Online Workshop
  2. For at least a month, experiment with the Anti-IF practices for a real project
  3. Write the report. You will be expected to recount a real case study in which productivity was improved using the Anti-IF practices. You can tell us how you overcame a design challenge or how you made your software system more efficient
  4. Send your Practitioner Report to certify your experience to team+caipr@francescocirillo.com
  5. We will inform you about payment for the certificate. Once we've received payment, we will review your work and get it back to you in a few days
  6. Your report will be graded by Francesco or a FrancescoCirillo.com Licensed Trainer. You may be asked to make modifications or improvements to your work
  7. As soon as your report has been accepted, we will organise a quick chat on hangout with Francesco or a FrancescoCirillo.com Licensed Trainer. The scope of this is to get to know you, and ask you some questions about your experience with the Anti-IF Practices. Once complete, we will send you the Certificate of Practice
  8. Your report will be shared publicly on francescocirillo.com to help other people reach their own productivity goals


Your Certification gives you, among other things
  • All Certified Anti-IF Practitioners will get an account on antiifpractitioners.francescocirillo.com. Here they can find additional information about the Anti-IF practices, share experiences and stay in contact with the other course participants
  • Your report will be published on FrancescoCirillo.com with a back link to your profile on your personal site
  • Your Certificate of Practice will give you the right to get a Anti-IF Trainer License, so you can run your own Anti-IF Workshop with the official Anti-IF materials

What it costs to become a Certified Anti-IF Practitioner

As we're sure you understand, the process to evaluate the certificates we issue requires some work from our team.

We usually charge a fee of 275 euro to get certified.

The Certificate of Practice requires that you demonstrate that you apply the Anti-IF practices. To be an active member of the community, you must renew your Certification and submit a new Practitioner Report every two years.

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  • Read example Practitioner Reports from other Practitioners