The Pomodoro® Core Process

Pomodoro Training Part 02

Interruptions and procrastination are one of the most dangerous productivity killers. How to deal with the Predator while we're working on a task?

In this course, you will learn how to apply the Pomodoro® Core Process to stay focused on each of your tasks and reach your goals with less effort, and no anxiety. You will learn how to use simple tools such as index cards, a pen and a Pomodoro® timer to focus on your current task, deal with internal and external interruptions and avoid procrastination. You will apply the Pomodoro® Internal Process to deal with the anxious requests of the Predator.

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Work on your tasks with no interruptions and no procrastination in a focused and sustainable way

About the Course

This course is part of the Pomodoro® Training Program. This program is based on acclaimed industry leader Francesco Cirillo's extensive coaching experience. Francesco has been applying the Pomodoro® Technique since the mid 1980s.

We recommend you combine this course with mentoring sessions in order to apply what you learn to your individual (Pomodoro® Solution for Individuals) or team (Pomodoro® Solution for Teams) needs.

Course Info

Course Format
Intensive highly-interactive course for no more than 4 to 6 participants (live online version). During the course, the trainer will give participants the instruments - concepts, processes, practices and or tools - to improve their productivity by applying the Pomodoro® Technique. At the end of the course, the trainer will give a series of assignments and exercises to enable participants to practice what they have learned.

Delivery Options
This course can be offered live online, onsite in your company and in-house in our offices. Private tuition and large-group discounts are also available.

Who is it for
This course is aimed at individuals, professionals and team members interested in improving their productivity.

This course is the second part of our Pomodoro® Training Program.
To join this course, it is requested that you know how to apply the Pomodoro® Internal Process. You will not learn this process in this course.

You should attend the following course first:

  • The Pomodoro® Internal Process

At the moment, the course is offered in English and Italian (Choose your course).

Participants will need the following to attend this course:

  • Something to write with, and something to write on.

Remote Training Preparation
Please do the following at least one day before the course is scheduled to start:

  • Upgrade Zoom to the most recent version.
  • Check audio, video, and screen sharing on Zoom.

Materials and benefits
Once you complete this course:

  • You will receive the slides of the presentation and a series of assignments to be developed individually;
  • You will have free access to The Pomodoro® Daily Process Community Membership for one month. You will have the opportunity to access the useful experience of the previous participants of this training and the other members of this Community;
  • You will be able to use our Pomodoro® Web/App for free for one month.
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Meet Your Trainer

This course is offered only by Certified Pomodoro® Trainers.


Francesco Cirillo is the owner of Cirillo Consulting, a consulting firm based in Berlin that works with many of the world’s largest companies.


Carlo Garatti is a software developer and coach. Since the nineties he has been interested in Agile and in particular Extreme Programming.

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Assignments and Review

What is a process?

The Pomodoro® Core Process

  • @Happy end - short break
  • @Happy end - long break

Dealing with the Predator while we're working on an activity

  • @Dealing with breaks
  • @Dealing with interruptions
  • @Dealing with controlling
  • @Dealing with the "flow"

"The flow" versus Pomodoro flow

Inverting our dependency on time

What tools do we need?


Question & Answers


As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and deal with the "predator" while you are working on a single task
  • Stay focused on your task without anxiety
    • No more work under pressure.
  • Handle Interruptions and avoid procrastination
    • No more mistakes due to lack of concentration.
    • No more wrong estimates, rework, stress and work overtime.

You will know how to apply these elements of the Pomodoro® Technique:

  • Process: The Pomodoro® Core Process
  • Tools: Timer, Pen, Index Cards
  • Events: Pomodoro® Snapshot
  • Principles: Inverting the Dependency on Time, Sustainable Pace

Price & Conditions

  • The price includes the 2,5 hour course as well as the course material.
  • The prices include VAT (when applicable).
  • Participants in this course will have access to the Pomodoro® Core Process Community Membership upload their assignments and get feedback from Licensed Pomodoro Trainers and other members of the community for the duration of one month.
  • Participants in this course will have access to our new Pomodoro® Web/App for the duration of one month.


The Pomodoro® Technique book is not included in the price of this course and should be purchased separately. You can buy it here.


Discounts for groups of four or more are possible.

Please contact us for more details.

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