The Pomodoro Technique

Improve Your Time Management with Francesco - Individual Sessions

The world of my perceived possibilities and the utilization of my abilities has been enhanced to the level that I know that when I look back on my life there will be two significant periods of accomplishment, pre-pomodoro and post-pomodoro periods. It's just that powerful!

Lee Sullivan

My proposal

My work involves helping people become aware of the difficulties they are experiencing in their relationship with time, following them every step of the way as they resolve them.

My role is that of a mentor who can welcome you, understand you and provide you with support and guidance if you don’t know how to improve your relationship with time.

Everything I propose to you, I have already experienced before, for myself.

I know how it feels to fail when it comes to time. I know the feeling of having to procrastinate, of following up on any interruption whatsoever simply as a way to avoid working on the task you need to deliver. I know what it means to make yourself work 14 hours a day. I know the frustration that comes from the illusion that this behaviour will resolve your problem with time.

But I also know what worked for me and what I have described in my book.

I won’t give you a programme

You do not need to make yourself work more, run, speed up or fight against time. Doing this makes you even less productive and will cause you to feel frustrated and exhausted. The root of the problem with time lies not in the force you exert to “keep my time under control” but in what pushes you to not to take care of your mind~ not breathing, not taking breaks, not observing yourself.

The solution to managing time can only be found in a radical change of your point of view. And it is easier than it seems. By acquiring adequate tools and working on yourself and your own needs, time can transition from being seen as an enemy to being seen as a friend. We can use the time to observe ourselves, make our minds work better and by doing so increase our focus. This leads to a real improvement in productivity. Time can help us respect our deadlines. In a gentle way. One Pomodoro at a time.

Every person is unique, a one-off. So together we need to find what works for you.

More than 30 years ago, when I started to observe my relationship with time and how time could help me look after my mind and its dynamics, I stopped fighting against time and time stopped being a problem.

If you like what you have read so far and you can identify with it, at least in part, write to me and we can start to plan your individual journey together.

The mentoring programme is organised online. I devote two days to this programme. Fridays from 2pm to 10pm Central European Time and Saturdays from 8am to 12 midday Central European Time.

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    1 hour session (2 Pomodoros)
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    2 hours session (4 Pomodoros)
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Teodor Manolov

Math & IT teacher

Speaking as a life-long knowledge junkie who has gone through dozens, if not a hundred self improvement training programs and books, the Pomodoro Technique Time Management Course is hands down one of the best training programs I have ever done, which have had the highest impact on my life. This course has helped me understand how to overcome productivity problems I have struggled with for years, it is the breakthrough I was looking for. I used to be intimidated by large projects and goals where I didn't know exactly what to do and how to do it, but now I am confident I can organize any complex goal, understand it like an X-ray, and create an effective plan of execution, where every pomodoro counts and there is no time waste or confusion. It is one of the very few courses, where I left MORE EXCITED than when I joined! I am very happy, satisfied and most of all HIGHLY IMPRESSED with Francesco's work, and I HIGHLY recommend his materials to anyone who is serious about improving their productivity.

Ann Wilson

Special Education Teacher, Washington DC Public Schools

If you struggle with time, and with being organized around time, this is the course for you! It will require an investment of time, of leaving yourself open to new ideas, or trying on new habits, but the reward will change your life!

Wade J. Skalsky

Owner of Law Offices of Wade J. Skalsky

I give this course my highest recommendation. As an attorney with over a 100 active clients, my time is at a premium. The Pomodoro Technique, and this course in particular, have given me the foundation to better serve my clients while at the same time maintaining my sanity. I am better equipped to tackle complex projects, manage my team, and plan strategically. Who knew that a tomato timer would be the most valuable thing in my office? I would take this course again and eagerly await new offerings from the Pomodoro team. A job well done.

Katie Geddes

Spiritual Business Designer

I'm a big fan of the Pomodoro Technique. It's not too often you get to work directly with the creator of a tool that has changed your life. Now that I've worked with Francesco directly, I'm an even bigger fan. I'm enthusiastic because this technique is simple and life-changing. The course helped me go into deeper related concepts built on the basic technique. Anyone who wants to streamline their day and their thinking would benefit from this tasty course. Anyone who struggles with feeling like they don't have enough time to get done what they want, whether on a daily basis or in terms of life goals, would do well to master this technique. I'm excited to see my business and life evolve with my new knowledge gained from this course.

Ida Alexeeva

HR Specialist

The Pomodoro course helped me to take more realistic approach to my personal time management and gave me self-confidence to reach towards my goals. The course introduces some very useful concepts and approaches for managing complex goals and planning both one's own work effort and work in teams. I can recommend the course for everyone who wants to work more effectively and to make realistic plans for reaching complex or simple goals either personally or in teams.

Lee Sullivan

Management Analyst for The State of California

The world of my perceived possibilities and the utilization of my abilities has been enhanced to the level that I know that when I look back on my life there will be two significant periods of accomplishment, pre-pomodoro and post-pomodoro periods. It's just that powerful!