Licensed Pomodoro Technique Trainer Programme
How to become a Pomodoro Technique Trainer

This page summarises the requisites and procedure for becoming a Licensed Pomodoro Technique Trainer.

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What's a Licensed Pomodoro Technique Trainer?

A Pomodoro Technique Trainer is somebody who:
  • has got experience as a trainer
  • has got experience using the Pomodoro Technique
  • is passionate about spreading the use of the Pomodoro Technique
  • has got experience and is interested in team dynamics, process improvement, product/project management
  • has been assessed by Francesco Cirillo or an examiner authorised by Cirillo Company
Licensed Pomodoro Technique Trainers:
  • are the only trainers allowed to conduct the 2-day Pomodoro Technique Time Management course face-to-face
  • have their courses posted on the course calendar
  • have a personal profile on
  • have access to up-to-date slides created by the Francesco Cirillo for the Pomodoro In Team course
  • has been assessed by Francesco Cirillo or an examiner authorised by Cirillo Consulting GmbH

What we expect of Pomodoro Technique Trainers

  • Promote and spread the adoption of the Pomodoro Technique individually and as a team
  • Share teaching materials and experience with other trainers
  • Be available to mentor other Pomodoro Technique Trainers
  • Actively contribute to the Pomodoro Technique community and participate in the students forum
  • Post case studies and reports about applying the Pomodoro Technique individually or as a team on

How can I become a Trainer?


Once you have been certified as a Pomodoro Technique Trainer, you will be allowed to teach the 2-day Pomodoro Technique Time Management course in a physical classroom. Before promoting your first course, you will present a plan of how you intend to organise your Pomodoro Technique Time Management course to Francesco Cirillo.


As a Trainer, you will be part of the Pomodoro Technique Trainer community, supported by the creator of the technique, Francesco Cirillo.

Your Licence fee gives you, among other things
  • The chance to attend public courses on the Pomodoro Technique offered by Francesco free of charge

Three places are reserved for Trainers on each public course run by Francesco

  • Original and exclusive courseware materials developed by the Cirillo Company team for the Pomodoro Technique Time Management course
  • Access to communications channels for trainers
  • A direct link to Francesco and our team
  • A personal profile on

What it costs to become a Pomodoro Technique Trainer

  • An annual licence fee costs 5000 euro.
  • A fee of 75 euro per course participant

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Our Licence Agreement describes what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as a Licensed Trainer.