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The Pomodoro Technique

SDA The Tea Assistant User Interface

Work in progress!

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Nov 18th
09:30 am CET
2 x 3 hours


Marco Isella
Marco Isella

Software Engineer

Francesco has changed the way I work, and more.

Simone Casciaroli
Simone Casciaroli

Senior software developer (Contractor) at Nutralete

Since attending this program with Francesco Cirillo, and learning his approach to software design, I have realized that my previous understanding of the topic was not as effective as I once thought. By understanding his approach, I have been able to significantly improve my own software design, benefiting both my team and myself. Despite the fact that my course was focused solely on software design, it has helped me become an all-around better software developer.

Matteo Regazzi
Matteo Regazzi

Agile Coach at inspearit Italy

Having experienced Francesco’s work and methodology in the past, I wanted to study with him again and try his mentoring program. Amazingly, I was able to regain immediate momentum, motivation, and obtain astonishing results, even though working remotely. This was also due in part to the organization of the sessions, which were always efficient and productive. One of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Thank you!

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