The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique® for Individuals, Families and Professionals

Over 2 million people have already used the Pomodoro Technique to transform their lives, making them more productive, more focused and even smarter.

Do more and have fun with time management

Learn how to work together with time, eliminate burnout, manage distractions and create a better work–life balance, using only a pen, some paper and a kitchen timer.

How can I learn to do more and have fun with time management

The Pomodoro Technique teaches you to work together with time instead of struggling against it.

Our Solution

How can the Pomodoro Technique help me reach my goal?

In today’s fast-paced, time-poor environment it’s normal to want to regain some control over your day and Francesco Cirillo’s deceptively simple time management method is a proven solution.

By applying the Pomodoro Technique you can manage to:

Handle interruptions

No more mistakes due to lack of concentration.

No more wrong estimates, rework, stress and overtime.

Reduce estimation errors

learn to simplify and organize tasks

No more wrong estimates on complex, undefined and uncertain tasks.

No more complex, unmanageable and unreachable goals.

Improve motivation by improving the content of work

learn to understand the effort a task will take, reduce the complexity of tasks that need doing, organize your time

No more lack of confidence.

No more lack of responsibility.

Transform time from being an enemy to being an ally in order to achieve your goals

take regular breaks, learn to observe yourself and improve your work process

No more work under pressure.

Meet deadlines without time pressure

learn to transform a complex goal into a series of simpler goals to be reached and hence increase your motivation, the precision of the estimates and the probability of final success

No more missed deadlines and costly delays.

Create an effective team timetable to reach multiple goals, handle unplanned events, tasks, emergencies and change

No more bottlenecks, stress, rework and overtime.

Reduce the complexity of your goals and the relative uncertainty of reaching them

by learning to transform deeply nested hierarchies of tasks into linear task lists: task lists without dangerous bottlenecks and interdependencies between tasks

No more complex, unmanageable and unreachable goals.



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Low productivity and high confusion? Use the Pomodoro Technique


I've been using the @PomodoroTech for a week now to increase productivity. I'm now getting done is 6 hours what would take me 8! loving it.